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About us

No Pressure  at Hair MD Orlando   just education: An informed and knowledgeable decision is a good decision.
We do not continue to telephone, e-mail, or snail-mail you if you provide us with your phone number or address.
We will tell you what you need to hear. In fact, we will tell you the truth whether you want to hear it or not.
We would rather lose you as a patient than mislead you or let any unrealistic expectations persist.
We don’t believe in free consultation but our MD Doctor (and not his marketing person) will spend sufficient quality time to provide you with adequate education about Hair loss and Hair Transplant.

Orlando Hair MD  has experience, knowledge and dedication of over 15 Years in private practice.
He was trained under the leaders in the fields. He was a Gold Medallist in his Surgical Training. He is a qualified Plastic Surgeon with focused interest in Hair Restoration.

Our Doctor is a qualified member of ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery)- the highest recognized body in the world in the field of Hair Restoration. This helps him keep at par with the world standards.

Good quality at low price: (Value = Quality/Low cost) .
This is possible because to produce good quality all the necessary skills, experience, infrastructure, motivation and qualifications we have and we take all care to keep the price at affordable rate.

At Orlando Hair MD we provide the combination of caring, good skilled, well-trained team with comfortable ambience where you can spend hours with music, food and relaxation without fear.
We offer dense packing to the bald area for the best results.
We encourage anti balding Medication: like Finasteride, Minoxidill etc. to give longer life to the existing Hormone sensitive Hair